• Relentless commitment to deliver quality apparel on time to the customer
  • Equitable and open working environment
  • Long term collaborative relationship with its supply chain partners
  • Continuous upgradation of machinery and equipment
  • Skill sets to handle diverse styles
  • Safe and secure working environment


The brand Sreekumaar owes its success to its key guiding principles trust, transparency, tenacity and total quality.


As evinced in building long term relationships with its customers, suppliers & employees to create a sustainable enterprise.


By creating an environment in which all information is openly accessible, collaborative decision making process is a constant endeavour
at Sreekumaar.


In its ability to continuously improve operations, process & systems to deliver value to the customer.

Total Quality

In all its activities along the throughput chain & in its interactions with all its stakeholders.



  • Ability to deliver :
    • Lab dips / Deskloom/Fit samples – 7 days
    • Photo shoot samples – 20 days
    • Preproduction samples – 35 days
  • Lot sizes of 500 or more
  • 100000 garments per month
  • Acceptable Quality Level of 1.5 %
  • Fabrics from Light to Heavyweight, Modal, Viscose, Denims, Cotton-blended fabrics.
  • Our speciality fabrics include Jacquards, Dobbies, Printed, and Performance treated fabrics
  • Specialised wash treatments
  • Embellishments, printing and embroidery


  • 50000 sq ft of Buildings & 10000 sqft of fabric stores
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Visitor and Material Tracking software at point of entry
  • 100 % power backup
  • State of the art machinery from reputed manufacturers such as Juki, Hashima, Cummins, Ingersoll-Rand


  • Safe and secure working environment
  • Group health insurance covering their immediate family members
  • Social status improvement by recognising continuous upgradation of skills
  • Opportunities are given to employees to handle positions of responsibility which improves their confidence
  • Promoting co-operation through employee groups
  • Vitals screening and eye camps
  • Easy and open access to senior management


  • Agreement with ATDC, a government initiative for skill development
  • In-house training for freshers and multi-skill upgradation
  • Certificates for all skill training
  • Induction courses for all new employees
  • Time given to employees to attend approved classes